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To get the best out of life you need to make sure that you are fueling your body with the right foods.

This is true for all, whether you are a cyclist, who wants to ride a bit faster, a hiker, who wants to be less out of breath after climbing a hill or you simply want to feel better in yourself.

Just a few small changes to your daily diet can have a dramatic effect on your lifestyle.

Learn how to reduce the impact of disease on your ability to enjoy life.

The impact of disease, whether serious or fairly minor, can seriously hinder your lifestyle.

From prostate problems to eye disorders to loss of memory, they all have a significant impact on how you live your life.

Making just some simple nutritional changes can help and return you to the lifestyle you enjoyed previously.

Here are some nutritional supplements, which can help with some common disorders.

Prostate problems

Saw palmetto

This is a type of fruit, which is mainly used for decreasing the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Experts believe it works by shrinking the inner lining of the prostate.



This is found in foods, such as tomatoes and watermelons, and is believed to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. A study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found men with high levels of lycopene were 21% less likely to develop prostate cancer than those with very low levels.



This is a substance found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Experts have discovered it can reduce problems urinating caused by an enlarged prostate, or “benign prostatic hyperplasia” (BPH).


Eye problems


One of the main supplements which can help reduce eye disorders is Lutein.

Lutein is a vitamin which is found naturally in foods such as broccoli, spinach, kale, corn, orange pepper, kiwi fruit, grapes, orange juice, zucchini, and squash.

It is often referred to as “the eye vitamin” as it can prevent disorders, such as

macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts, and retinitis pigmentosa.

It is thought to protect the eyes from damage caused by sunlight.



Liver problems

Milk Thistle

This is a plant, which is used to treat disorders of the liver including cirrhosis, hepatitis, jaundice, chronic inflammatory liver disease and liver damage caused by chemicals.

Research is ongoing into its effectiveness but experts believe the plant’s seeds protect liver cells from toxic chemicals and drugs.



This is an amino acid, which plays an important role in the function of our cells. It is naturally found in meat, fish, and dairy products.

Researchers believe it can prevent liver damage.



This is derived from an amino acid and is used for a variety of disorders, including preventing alcoholic liver damage.

In a study at Tabriz University of Medical Science, researchers found that N-acetylcysteine improved the liver function in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Memory problems


Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid, which helps the body produce energy.

It is used for a variety of disorders which effect memory, including Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, depression, thinking problems related to alcoholism and Lyme disease.


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Feel better

Getting the right nutrients into your body is just as important for someone who simply wants to feel a little better in themselves, as it is to an athlete who wants to win a race.

Putting the right things in your body can have a dramatic effect not only on how you feel physically but also psychologically.

One of the star nutrients to consider is 5-HTP, also known as 5-Hydroxytryptophan, which derives from an African plant called Griffonia simplicifolia.

Experts believe it increases the production of a chemical called serotonin in the brain and central nervous system. Serotonin affects sleep, appetite, temperature, sexual behavior and pain.

It can be used for sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, premenstrual syndrome, obesity and many other conditions, which can severely impact lifestyle.


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