Everything About Super Nutrición’s Rewards Program

Are You Ready to Save Money?

We reward our customers.  When Super Nutrición’s reward program is fully utilized, our prices are not only the best in Costa Rica, they are also below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price in the United States.  Nothing like this exists anywhere else in Costa Rica.

How Does it Work?SN Membership VIP

Super Nutrición customers earn “Loyalty Points.”

Loyalty points are awesome and is part of what makes Super Nutrición so great.

For example, when a customer has 2,000 Loyalty Points, the points can be traded for a storewide 20% coupon.

  • 500 Loyalty Points = 5% Coupon
  • 1,000 Loyalty Points = 10% Coupon
  • 1,500 Loyalty Points = 15% Coupon
  • 2,000 Loyalty Points = 20% Coupon
  • 5,000 Loyalty Points = 25% Coupon
  • 10,000 Loyalty Points = 30% Coupon
  • 15,000 Loyalty Points = 35% Coupon
  • 25,000 Loyalty Points = 40% Coupon

How Are Points Earned?

Create an Account

This is easiest way to earn points.  If you create a free member account with Super Nutrición, you immediately receive 2,000 Loyalty Points.  2,000 Loyalty Points are enough to trade for a 20% discount coupon, which can be used immediately for any purchase.   This means that just by creating a free member account, we give you a 20% discount storewide for your first purchase!

Earn Loyalty Points with EVERY Purchase

With every purchase, Loyalty Points are earned and added to the Loyalty Points bank.  When enough points have been accumulated, a coupon can be purchased using those points.

For every $1 purchased, 20 Loyalty Points are earned!  For example:

  • A $50 purchase earns 1,000 Loyalty Points (enough for a 10% coupon)
  • A $100 purchase earns 2,000 Loyalty Points (enough for a 20% coupon)
  • A $250 purchase earns 5,000 Loyalty Points (enough for a 25% coupon)

When Loyalty Points are earned, they are deposited into your points bank.  You can decide when you want to purchase a coupon.  The more you purchase, the more money you save!

Earn Loyalty Points when You Share Super Nutrición on Social MediaSN Facebook Twitter

Do you like Super Nutrición? Of course you do!  Then let everyone know on Twitter and Facebook.  When you share Super Nutrición, you earn 2,000 Loyalty Points!  We don’t pay for advertising.  We pay you to advertise for us.  Isn’t that better?  Let all of Costa Rica know how much they can save on quality nutrition with Super Nutrición.  This keeps prices low for you and your friends!

Refer a Friend to Super Nutrición

You can refer a friend to Super Nutrición.  We will immediately send your friend a 25% discount.    When your friend creates an account and makes their first purchase, you will automatically receive 2000 Loyalty Points!  Now you and your friends are happy and on the path to better health!

Submit a review for our products

You can let all of Costa Rica know about your experiences with Super Nutrición products.  When you submit a review on our online store, we will send you 500 Loyalty Points.

Let us know your birthday

Let us know your birthday and we will send you 500 Loyalty Points on the day of your birthday.  Happy birthday!

SN Friends

Never Pay Full Price!

If you use our rewards program wisely, your savings are immense.  Our regular price on products are already better than our competitors.  However, when the rewards program is used fully, our prices are unbeatable.  Our products are GMP certified in the Unites States, thus they are of the highest possible quality.  Our whey protein is the first top 10 protein in Costa Rica and contains no harmful chemicals or artificial sweeteners that are common in other protein products.  We ship directly to your nearest Correos.  No more long drives to an expensive nutrition store!  Our products come to you!  What more could you ask for?

You can find the Loyalty Program app at the bottom of our store.  Currently, the Loyalty Program app is only in English and we are working toward including Spanish functionality.  If you have any problems using the Loyalty Program app please let us know.  This instructional video may also be useful.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact us.


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