New to Super Nutrición? Here is how it works…

Super Nutrición brings Costa Rica the highest quality nutrition, and the lowest possible cost.


It is simple.  We keep our costs to a minimum, which allows us to keep your costs at a minimum.  Super Nutrición is a new type of company for Costa Rica.

How does it work?

SN BNIt is easy, very easy.

Our website is our store.  It is open 24/7.  If you know what products you want, you simply purchase the products on our secure online store.

Anyone in Costa Rica is eligible for our low prices and high quality products.  We accept most major credit cards, PayPal, or Banco Nacional bank deposits in colones or dollars.

If you need help finding what product might be best for you, or you have questions, just contact us.

Check out our unbelievable rewards program to receive unbeatable discounts.  You can enroll in our rewards program by creating a free membership account.

How do I receive my product?

SN CorreosOnce your order is received and payment is completed, we will ship your product to your nearest Correos.  The product will arrive in 1-3 business days after completed payment.

We email you your correos tracking number.

To obtain your product, you simply bring your identification and tracking number to your Correos to receive your product.

It is that easy!  You no longer have to drive a great distance to find a store for the nutritional products you and your family need.  You will save money and time while on the path to better health!

We are excited to offer this new and wonderful opportunity to everyone who lives in Costa Rica.




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