Why pay more?

Why pay more for lesser quality?

Super Nutrición is different. We do not pay to own many stores. We do not pay many employees. We buy at wholesale in large quantities. We do not pay for advertising. We do not pay athletes.

We simply have one efficient warehouse that ships products directly to your local Post Office, serving all of Costa Rica.

Because of our unique business model, our company costs are very low. In fact, our costs are so low, that we can afford to offer our products for a significant price savings to to you, the customer.  And despite all of this, we still are able to offer top quality GMP certified products from one of the most trusted brands in nutrition from the United States.

Don’t believe us?

If you find a price in costa rica for the same product that costs less, we will match that price plus 10%.  Just contact us.

To qualify:

  • Product must be sold legally in Costa Rica (proper registrations and permits)
  • Must be the same product and brand
  • Product must be GMP Certified quality
  • Product must be compared to our “Super Pricing” which is available to all who participate in our free membership program.


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